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9 Habits That Show Your Office Needs A Commercial Cleaner

9 Habits That Show Your Office Needs A Commercial Cleaner


The average Brit spends almost 2000 hours each year in the workplace. With shared spaces, busy days and a rotating door of visitors, it’s no wonder that sometimes offices can be messy places. Unfortunately, the consequences of a poorly cleaned commercial space can be significant. Not only will you see a less productive workforce in an unclean, uninspiring environment, but there will be an increase in sick days as workers fail to prevent germs from spreading.

According to a survey from SCA, two thirds of people in the UK wish that their workplace was cleaner. A commercial cleaning service can help keep an office in the best condition, but it’s still vital that the people using the space every day have an understanding of hygiene.

The survey showed that a lot of our coworkers have some bad habits that are contributing to the thousands of unhygienic workplaces that need a commercial cleaner. Are you, or any of your coworkers, one of the many who commit these workplace sins?

42% of people admitted to sneezing without a tissue

36% said they left dirty dishes around the communal area  

36% confessed that they don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom

33% are guilty of not flushing

23% say they have cluttered desks covered in rubbish

18% don’t empty full bins

14% eat at their desk

13% of people aren’t disposing of sanitary protection products properly

12% bite their nails at work

We’re all guilty of a bad habit here and there, but with others in the workplace who are practicing different bad habits, it's quick to create an environment that’s messy and unsafe. That’s where a reliable commercial cleaner like Clean4Shaw come in. We’ve worked with hundreds of commercial spaces, from retail and offices to warehouses, helping to keep them in tip top condition.

Call us today to talk about your business, your bad habits, and how we can help.

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