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Commercial Cleaning: The importance of maintaining a positive image

Commercial Cleaning: The importance of maintaining a positive image


Many entrepreneurs know that providing a fantastic service or selling a quality product is not the be all and end all when it comes to achieving success.

In today’s unpredictable climate it is important to stay one step ahead of the competition, and one of the ways you can do this is by creating and maintaining a positive business image. Hiring a commercial cleaner can be a shrewd investment, and when the job is completed to the highest standards, as is the case with Clean4Shaw, you can drastically improve your customer’s experience in your shop, restaurant, office, care home or surgery.

Inviting your customers to a clean, professional and tidy workplace can improve first impression encounters, but it can also see your business attract more returning customers. When you don’t have to worry about any of the cleaning tasks, you’re able to focus on the more important business matters, like making sure your customers find your products with ease, or making sure they enjoy their time in your workplace and feel inclined to return again. Our fully trained and insured professional cleaners work to deliver the highest level of cleaning on a consistent basis. 

So how will hiring Clean4Shaw improve business?

Okay so we’ve focused on the importance of maintaining a positive brand image for your customers but here are some of the other ways in which commercial cleaning can help your business. 

Maintaining Asset Value

When we clean your floors, ceilings, walls, stairs, furniture and other fixtures, we’re often improving their lifespan. Our aim is to give you a space that’s sparkly clean, so there will never be any build up of harmful bacteria.

Improving Sales

When people are not distracted by clutter and dirt, they can freely explore your shop or relax knowing you have everything under control. We would not recommend you take a chance with a shop, restaurant or surgery that’s chaotic. Open your doors every Monday morning with a smile, knowing people feel happy to spend time in your store, and even if they’re not buying anything, they will at least consider returning in the future.

Increasing productivity

As an employer, you have to make sure you’re taking the needs of your workers into account. Employees are more likely to be excited about your business and your products when they’re working in a clean and happy environment. If you can provide them with a clean working environment, they may well provide you with better returns.

Reducing Costs

Cleaning your own premises can be like running a business in a business. This is not just because of the time involved, but also due to the ongoing costs of cleaning equipment. Buying, repairing or upgrading equipment can see costs add up quickly, whilst every time you or a member of your team is spent cleaning, you may be losing a sale! With Clean4Shaw, you don’t have to worry about organising and monitoring cleaning work, we offer the full package and we only use the highest quality equipment and cleaning products.

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