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How Contract Cleaning Can Keep Your Employees Safe When Returning to the Office

How Contract Cleaning Can Keep Your Employees Safe When Returning to the Office


The outbreak of a global pandemic early last year caused unexpected upheaval for everyone, personally and professionally. Newfound uncertainty and anxiety entered all of our lives with many worrying about the survival of their business or security of their job, alongside health concerns. 


The Office for National Statistics reported that 35.9% of people have worked remotely at some point during COVID-19. Whilst some businesses have gradually returned to the office over the past couple of months, many are still awaiting complete clearance and lifting of all restrictions. 


When returning to the office, there are many factors to consider to protect the health and safety of your staff. Providing cleaning supplies, regular contract cleaning and listening to your staff and what you can do to make them feel comfortable will ensure a smooth yet safe return for all. 

Navigating your return to the office

There has certainly been a change in the dynamic of communication in the workplace over the past year and a half. Regular face to face internal meetings, travelling to meet clients and attending networking events became a thing of the past with most forms of interaction moving to the digital side. Whilst this method of working has suited many, especially those with young families, it has left others feeling isolated and desperate to return to the office. 


It has been difficult for business owners to make these decisions, having to consider the feelings of their employees individually as well as a team. Many have resorted to a staggered or part-time return in order to appeal to everyone’s preference in terms of practicality and safety.


Preference aside, the most important factor to consider is the health and safety of employees during the ongoing pandemic. Whilst the return to normality is well underway, there are still so many people hesitant to get back out there. 


Scientific research has shown that the COVID-19 virus is most commonly spread through respiratory droplets from person to person. However, it can also live on surfaces from up to 4 hours to 5 days. Although the risk of surface transmission is lower and restrictions have now been lifted, regular cleaning with a strong disinfectant is recommended, alongside other measures should people wish to use them.


As your workforce will consist of people from multiple households, thorough cleaning is essential for minimising the spread of covid in your office. Contract cleaning is a cost-effective way to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of your workplace is to the highest standard possible every week. 

Why opt for contract cleaning 

It is important to ensure your employees feel comfortable enough to return to the office. Regular, contract cleaning starting before the first employees come through the door and continuing once or twice a week following that will help. 


There are many benefits of contract cleaning, including;


  • Saves time and money - removes the need for you to take time out of your day to clean. 
  • Increases staff safety - ensures a high level of hygiene to reduce illness amongst staff, especially during the pandemic.
  • Boosts productivity and morale - a clean and clear environment reduces stress and allows focus on what matters. 
  • Maintains a positive image - image matters, especially if you have clients coming into your office. 
  • Bespoke service - a clean tailored to your needs as a business. 

Alongside contract cleaning, you should provide your staff with the necessary supplies such as disinfectant spray or wipes to hand sanitiser. This will allow each member of staff to clean their own desk area at the end of each day in between your professional clean. For more information, the health and safety executive has provided clear government advice for employers on how to make your workplace COVID-secure.

The health and safety of your employees and visitors should always be the number one priority when considering returning to the office. Clean4Shaw provides bespoke contract cleaning services to a number of businesses in and around Northampton. Get in touch for a free cleaning quote.



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