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How To Keep Your Warehouse Clean And Safe

How To Keep Your Warehouse Clean And Safe


A warehouse is a place that’s full of action. Throughout the day there are comings and goings, products moving, vehicles driving and new stock arriving. A busy location such as a warehouse can create dirt and mess very quickly. It’s important to remain in control of the dirt levels in these locations. Keeping a warehouse clean isn’t just a matter of employee satisfaction; although that’s important. It’s a matter of safety.


In order to keep your warehouse clean, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:


Maintain a regular schedule

Open, busy spaces like a warehouse will get dirty over the course of a few days. With a regular clean, you’ll be able to maintain a high standard of cleaning and keep it from ever getting to a dangerous level of dirt. Professional warehouse cleaning services, such as Clean4Shaw, can attend your location on a schedule of your choosing. This enables you to keep staff safe and stock clean consistently without having to worry.


Keep inventory moving

It’s good warehouse management to only have stock that’s in date at your location. Aside from not being cost-effective and wasting valuable space at your warehouse, it’s a quick way to gather dust in locations that aren’t getting used on a regular basis.


Maintain your bins

Internally, a significant amount of waste will be generated by the people using your warehouse the most: your employees. Simply by spending the majority of their day at your location, they’ll create rubbish that should go in a bin when they have a snack or fill out paperwork. Make sure there are plenty of bins around, and they’re emptied regularly to ensure they’re not overflowing.


Always watch for spillage

In a warehouse environment, a spillage is one of the quickest ways to an injury. It can lead to stock damage in a best case scenario, and slips or falls in high traffic areas in a worst case. Train your workers to remain careful and clean up spills quickly to avoid incidents like this in your warehouse.


Look after your floors

Your flooring is under the highest amount of stress in a warehouse, with heavy machinery, high footfall and harsh environments all putting it through its paces. As part of our warehouse cleaning services, we’ll take care of your flooring using our specialist equipment to make sure they’re safe from slips and trips.


Talk to the Clean4Shaw team today to arrange a professional warehouse clean on a schedule that suits you.


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