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Office Cleaning Services in Northampton: A good first impression is just the start

Office Cleaning Services in Northampton: A good first impression is just the start


Delivering a positive first impression has long been important in business, and it’s one of the main reasons small and large firms invest in a regular, local office cleaner. An office that is fresh and spotless every day can set the tone for a productive client meeting, positively impacting sales. There are many other reasons for saving some of your annual budget for office cleaning services in Northampton, such as the fact that 82% of office employees work harder in cleaner offices. A clean workspace can drastically increase productivity because staff are less likely to be distracted by dirt, litter and cluttered objects, leading to greater levels of concentration and improved performance.

It’s important employees feel comfortable, motivated and happy when they arrive for another day at the office, rather than feeling stressed out by untidy desks, harbouring dirt or their coworker’s ever-growing collection of sandwich wrappers. If you’re struggling to maintain a tidy office, you may find that problems run even deeper. It’s said that viruses like the common cold and flu can linger on unclean surfaces like desks and computers for up to 24 hours, whilst a typical office keyboard will carry up to 7,500 bacteria at any given time. According to research by Small Business, the average employee loses nine working days a year to sickness and some of this may be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene, so it’s understandable why more companies appreciate the need for professional cleaning services.

An untidy desk can say a great deal about an employee, however, a messy office can be a sign to prospective clients that you have a poor work ethic. On the other hand, with a space that’s clean and free from clutter, you can set the tone for a positive client meeting, whilst increasing productivity levels among staff. Harvard University carried out an experiment involving more than 100 students being exposed to a perfectly tidy work space or one where desks were cluttered. They proved that untidy workplaces undermined the students’ persistence in completing tasks, affecting their productivity levels. 

In a busy office the build up of dirt can quickly develop from being a little messy to unsafe, so if you’re constantly facing an uphill battle to keep communal areas clean, desks tidy and hoarders at bay, Clean4Shaw can clear the clutter and deliver high hygiene standards. Having helped a diverse range of small and large businesses with office cleaning in Northampton, including spaces in modern office blocks, listed buildings and converted period houses, we understand the level of deep cleaning required to reduce the build up of clutter and germs. Every client of ours has their own tailored plan, built around their needs, schedule and budget.

If you’d like to learn more about us and how we can help you fight bad habits, maintaining a space that reflects your brand in a positive light, please call us today!

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