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Studies Reveal That Working in a Clean Office Increases Productivity At Work

Studies Reveal That Working in a Clean Office Increases Productivity At Work


For many businesses, office cleaning is something that’s done primarily for appearances. No client wants a meeting in a dusty conference room or to trust a company that doesn’t take care of its employees. A reliable office cleaning company can help with all of these, things, but according to the European Cleaning Journal there’s another very good reason to make sure your office is always in top condition; a clean office leads to more productive employees.

The study comes from the Association of Cleaning, who investigated the effect that a clean office had on the workers in an office. They found that a clean office had a direct impact on the performance of those working in it, making them happier and more productive.

There are many reasons that this could be the case. A clean office ensures that your employees...

Are less likely to become unwell

Sickness due to poor business hygiene costs UK businesses an average £4.2billion every year. Unplanned sick days reduce productivity by 54% due to missed work and employees falling behind.

Feel motivated and cared for

If your office is a nice place to work, those high spirits will translate into high productivity. Keeping a clean office is a quick and easy way to keep morale up at the office.

Feel that they are in a professional environment

You may clean to make sure that clients see your space as professional, but the same
goes for clients. If the space feels more like an untidy house than a professional office, your employees will treat it that way. By fostering a professional environment, you’ll also maintain a professional work ethic.

Are ultimately more satisfied at work

Happy employees are productive employees! On average, an adult spends more of their waking hours in the office than at home. If you make their environment a pleasant one, they’re far more likely to put in extra on their work.

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