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The Specialist Cleaning Services That Food Factories Need

The Specialist Cleaning Services That Food Factories Need


Clean4Shaw currently work with a number of manufacturers who need factory cleaning services, all of bring unique requirements to ensure that the factory environment remains clean and safe. No matter the product, factory cleaning requires an expert to adhere to individual standards. One such industry is food factory cleaning, which has a responsibility to maintain incredibly high standards of cleaning for the sake of public health.

Hygiene is the most important thing to consider in a food factory. In order to keep our commercial cleaning customers operating safely, Clean4Shaw are trained to offer a food factory cleaning service that’s aware of the important issues and efficient in providing a complete, safe clean.


Everyday to Deep Clean

A good cleaning schedule for food factories should include both a frequent high quality clean and a intensive deep clean at regular intervals. Many food factories have a daily clean that tackles the most important areas: the floors, walls, surfaces and equipment. For some areas, it’s a better idea to complete a deep clean at a time when the factory isn’t operational to avoid disruption and contamination. At these times, you can clean the harder to reach areas such as pipes, conveyor systems, and other machinery that needs to be fully turned off to clean.


Always audit ready

Often, food preparation is subject to audits and inspections to make sure that procedures are being followed. These can come without warning or notice, so it’s vital that your food preparation areas are always ready to pass inspections. With a factory cleaning service that understands what’s required, you will be able to present a high quality facility every day, with or without an audit.


Allergy awareness

The primary reason for high levels of cleanliness in food preparation facilities is to avoid cross contamination. Not only does this apply to the substances that should be kept away from food for human consumption, but also to foods that could become an allergy risk if not handled properly. Ensuring that machinery is properly cleaned can help eliminate the potential for an allergic reaction if the factory processes food that contains common allergens such as nuts, gluten, or dairy.


Clean4Shaw regularly work with food factories to keep them at the high standard of cleanliness that’s necessary for their industry. We’re experts in working with our clients to provide a solution that fits their exact requirements, from scheduling to the areas that we’ll work on. Call us today to tell us what you need, and we’ll provide a factory cleaning service that’s reliable, high-quality and professional.

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