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Domestic Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep Your Solar Panels Shining

There are many reasons to invest in solar panels; environmental benefits, to save money on household bills, or to increase their property value. Whatever your reason, maintain your solar panels properly with a professional clean. The Clean4Shaw team know how to care for your panels, providing you with a great quality clean and helping you get the most out of your solar panels.

Ensure Efficiency

The primary reason for installing Solar Panels is to use a more efficient form of energy. Your solar panels depend on the absorbed sunlight, but the dirtier they are, the less sunlight they get! Many think that rain cleans solar panels, but the build-up of grime and dust is often harder to get off than we may think.

Your solar panels need a regular clean, but the frequency depends on a few things - primarily the weather and the tilt of your panels. If you live somewhere with a lot of exhaust fumes and dust or heavy rain that could cause puddles on less tilted panels, you should be washing more. As a general rule, however, try to give your solar panels a clean at a minimum of every six months

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Protect Your Panels

Solar Panels can be very sensitive to damage, and the last thing any homeowner wants is their investment to deteriorate. By using pressure washers, you risk cracks and water damage, and most everyday cleaning products will leave a residue that affects performance. Even cleaning with tap water will damage your panels, due to the high mineral content.

Protect Yourself

One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘Why can’t I wash my solar panels myself?’. There are many reasons why most homeowners should hire a professional to clean their solar panels.

Doing so without the necessary knowledge can be incredibly dangerous. Anybody hoping to safely clean their own solar panels should be familiar with working with ladders at height, and have the electrical knowledge to safely apply water to an electrical product that could cause severe shocks and burns. What’s more, you are likely to damage your panels if you don’t know how to treat them.

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