Diamond Floor Polishing

What is Diamond Floor Polishing?

Diamond floor polishing is a specific process of cleaning and polishing natural stone flooring or concrete. It can also be referred to as concrete diamond polishing. The aim is to restore your flooring to its natural appearance or a high-shine finish, whilst removing any surface scratches and scuff marks. It’s an ideal and cost-effective solution to bring flooring back to life rather than replacing it.

For the best outcome, this process can involve multiple stages with a specialised concrete polishing machine and diamond polishing pads. These pads contain diamond grit particles and are available in different textures depending on your desired outcome. However, it is a very simple and effective solution to leave your floors with that elegant, mirrored finish.

Our diamond polishing process

Depending on your preference and requirements, our team will arrive with the necessary equipment, products, and diamond abrasive pads to complete the task. The floor polishing machine is then moved across your flooring, rapidly spinning the diamond pads across the floor’s surface. The movement and vibration allow the pads to buff away any surface dirt or damage, revealing the clean, natural surface underneath.

We can provide different levels of diamond cleaning depending on your type of flooring and desired results:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Scratch removal
  • General clean
  • Fill gloss polishing

Diamond service

Along with a sparkling diamond finish, you’ll receive flawless service from our team of expert cleaners – who come with a wealth of experience working with a variety of industries and premises such as warehouses and shops as well as exterior garden surfaces. Trained in using our specialised floor polishing machine too, our team will use adequate diamond pads to clean, polish and create the desired look you require for your flooring.

Talk to Clean4Shaw about your Floor Polishing requirements today. We will be happy to help you put flexible, efficient cleaning solutions in place. We can provide a free, no obligation quote – call 01536 216 153 or fill in our contact form. 

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Diamond floor polishing is usually used to treat concrete, marble, stone, terrazzo and limestone flooring. It can be applied to both interior or exterior flooring of any size, in commercial and domestic premises.
We understand not every home or business is the same, that’s why we offer flexible cleaning contracts here at Clean4Shaw. We can work around your requirements to provide the best service with minimal disruption.
We provide a diamond floor polishing service for both domestic and commercial properties across Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and wider areas, including; Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes and Leicester.
Our construction cleaning services are available to both domestic and commercial premises across Northampton, including Kettering, Wellingborough, Corby, Milton Keynes and wider areas surrounding Northamptonshire.
On average, diamond floor polishing can take around X HOURS, this includes preparation, polishing and drying time. However, this can depend on the size and type of flooring you have as well as its current condition.

To request a quote, either contact us on 01536 216 153 or visit our Contact page.

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