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Factory Cleaning Solutions in Northampton

Northampton has always been a hub of industry, and as a result has hundreds of successful factories that require a high standard of cleaning to remain functional and productive. With factory cleaning, we understand that there are specific requirements to maintain a clean factory with no break in production or efficiency. Clean4Shaw have the industry knowledge to keep your factory cleaned and your space functional 24/7.

We’re experts in factory cleaning because we’ve worked with organisations like yours before, experiencing and understanding what’s required in a busy environment to keep it operating the way it should. This is everything from a reliable service to a team that knows how to clean your equipment properly.

Regular Schedules that Suit

We know that a factory needs to remain operational as much as possible. Everyday cleaning shouldn’t interrupt your production, so we’ll work to your schedule, cleaning when it’s most convenient and causing a minimum amount of disruption. Our regular cleans will make sure that your most commonly used areas, like floors, surfaces and production lines will be taken care of.

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Specialist Cleaning

Factory cleaning is a big job, and sometimes there are parts of your premises that will need special attention. Industrial locations like factories have a requirement for high level cleaning, large window cleaning as well as cladding cleaning. In addition to a regular factory clean we’ll be able to offer one-off cleans of every part of your location to ensure that everything is safe and professional looking.  

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Trained, Professional Staff

We understand what needs to go into a high quality factory clean. We make sure that our staff are trained to always remain safe when they’re at your location, not only providing our usual exceptional standard of cleaning but a bespoke service that enables you to remain operating as you need to. We’ll arrive in uniform, on time, and plan our work around what you need from us. That’s the service you deserve from a professional factory cleaning company.

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